Coming home sometimes needs a little more guidance

Welcome to our journey on the Pathway Home for Parents together

Coming home sometimes needs a little more guidance

Welcome to our journey on the Pathway Home for Parents together

I am delighted to guide you on the Pathway Home for Parents 

So that you and your child feel empowered to meet and grow from life’s challenges

And you trust your capacity to thrive… 

When we work together, I guide you through the Pathway steps with a specific focus on the challenges and difficulties that have been showing up for you in your parenting, at a pace that feels right for you and your family.

Are you ready to begin your journey with me?

How to Begin our Journey Together

Step 1:

First I invite you to take My Foundational ‘Begin with You’ Online Course on my Parent Pathway Courses.

This is so you can really get to know the steps on the Pathway Home for Parents and the science behind the way I work and why it has been shown to elicit more harmonious and resilient family environments for all.

With the practical strategies and practices I suggest, you will have already taken your first steps on the Pathway to feeling more at Home in yourself and more trusting of your capacity to encourage greater balance and connection for you and your child.

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What's Next?

Continue your journey by choosing one of the following options to work with me for One-to-One Guidance:

Come Home to Yourself as Parent

3 x  60 Minute Sessions


Specific ways for you to self-connect and self-regulate (find emotional balance) so that you can more easily connect and co-regulate with your child to bring about more trusting and harmonious relationships. You will develop a Wellspring of Resources comprising tailored, practical strategies and practises to find balance, calm and connection.

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Guide Your Child Home

6 x 60 Minute Sessions:

€750 *

We build on the skills, understanding and practises that you have gained and applied to build trust in yourself.

Learn how to join and ‘Be’ with your child during their emotional storms and challenges. Gain confidence in your ability to Guide your Child Home from the foundation of self-connection and balance. Enrich your Wellspring of Resources for balance, calm and connection that you can apply in the now.

* Payment Plan Available

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Work Together to Solve Together

9 x 60 Minute Sessions


With a foundation of connection and regulation, I show you how you and your child can join together to meet the common challenges that come our way in life, such as Emotional storms, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Friendship Difficulties (and more).

Learn how strengthening your relationship fosters resilience and allows for healthier boundaries in how you relate to each other and with yourself.

Nurture your Well of Resources for Balance, Calm and Connection.

*Payment Plan Available

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Deepen Trust, Grow Strong & Thrive

12 x 60 Minute Sessions:


As we walk together through the Pathway, learn that each step leads you and your child to a deepening of trust with each other and within yourselves as individuals. Discover the capacity you and your child have to thrive because you have grown stronger, trusting relationships.

Embody your capacity to trust yourself and your child, and see what blossoms.

*Payment Plan Available

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Not sure whether you are ready to follow the Pathway Home for Parents, but would like to work with me directly?

You can also work with me for a stand-alone, one-to-one 90 minute consultation, where we explore your questions together and you receive specific recommendations tailored to you and your family’s needs that you can apply right away.

Explore Together 

1 x 90 minute session | €195

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