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A Transformative Self-study Course on How to Lay the Foundations for Trusting and Connected Parent-Child Relationships that Inspire your Family to Thrive 

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When life throws up difficulties for you and your child to meet, beginning with yourself can feel like the last thing you need to do.

And yet, empowering yourself with skills and resources to self-connect for emotional balance may be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself and your family.

Being a parent can be overwhelming – no matter what age your child is.

Being pulled in so many directions with so much being asked of us can cause us to feel dis-connected from our own life-source: ourselves

Being a parent can also be messy – because parenting is about relationships.

And relationships are messy.

Being a parent can leave us feeling guilty – because there is so much responsibility and expectation to get it right.

And we forget that we can’t get it right all of the time. No one can.

Any of these experiences sound familiar?

  • You would love to stop and connect with yourself again, but it always gets pushed to the last item on your to-do list.
  • You get overwhelmed with the busy-ness of being a parent and days and weeks blur into one - you are just getting by - surviving, definitely not thriving.
  • Your child struggles with emotional storms (anxiety, emotional ups and downs, relationship or self-esteem difficulties) and gets easily triggered.
  • You get triggered by your child, and don’t know how to stop the ‘trigger-cycle’ of you both triggering each other.
  • You find it hard to connect with your child, no matter what you seem to do, or what approach you seem to take.
  • You have tried different courses, followed advice but nothing seems to be solving the difficulties you or your child face..
  • You often doubt yourself as a parent and get confused by all the conflicting advice ‘out there’.
  • How you were parented gets in the way of the parent you would love to be
  • Your ‘Good Enough’ doesn’t seem enough. 


Yes, sounds like me!

You’re not alone. Welcome to Modern Parenthood!


As parents today, we have so much information about how to be a good parent at our fingertips, and yet modern parenting can feel more over-whelming, confusing and invalidating than ever before.

Join me on this 4-module self-study course where we will explore ways to self-connect for emotional balance that empowers you to be more grounded, present and confident in your capacity to be the parent you aspire to be. Allowing you to connect more easily with your child so that you can guide them to greater self-connection and emotional balance too.

Allowing you both to thrive.

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Key Takeaways from this Online Course

Self-Connect for Emotional Balance

Gain insight into why it is so important to self-connect for well-being: yours and your child’s.

Enjoy Guided Practices to help you find your connection with yourself (again and again) and your child.

Be a Champion of Your Nervous System 

Understand what triggers you and your child and why. Learn how the brain and nervous system react when you are triggered and how getting to know your ‘neuro-biology’ empowers you make different choices in your relationship with yourself and your child.

Learn strategies to find calm even in the middle of the emotional storms. And how your calm can help your child find theirs too.

Make Sense of How You Were Parented

Discover why your own childhood experiences can get in the way of your relationship with your child.

Apply evidence-based approaches to make sense of how you experience relationships and how to start to make peace with the imperfection and messiness of all relationships (including the one with yourself).

Be a Good Enough Parent to Yourself 

Learn why being a ‘Good Enough Parent’ really is enough and that it starts with being a good enough parent to yourself.

Engage in Reflective Practices to gain direct experience of how to be a good enough parent to yourself first, and then your child.

Guide Your Child HOme

Be a Guide for Your Child

Through the teachings, practices and strategies, develop your innate capacity to be a regulating presence for your child so that they learn to trust themselves to meet life’s storms and challenges and to thrive.

Guide Your Child HOme

Follow the Pathway Home for Parents

Learn about the four steps of the Pathway Home for Parents that guides you to creating more connected & trusting relationships with yourself and your child, allowing you both to meet and grow from life’s storms and challenges and to thrive.

Feel confident to follow the Pathway right from the beginning, knowing that you can dive into each step along the Pathway in more detail by choosing other courses on each Course Tier on the Parent Course Pathway.

I am ready to Begin With Me! 

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‘Dr. Julie is amazing at what she does: she has such a calming and reassuring presence. I’m so glad she’s running courses again. The parents of Ireland need her!’

Susan McDonnell, Dublin

How it Works:

This is a 4-module self-study course. Each module contains 4-6 lessons in video format that you can watch in your own time and at your own pace.

The course material is drip-fed, that is, once you have finished one module, you will be automatically emailed the next one.

In each module, you will be invited to engage in reflective practice through journaling and activities in the mini workbook provided. There are a mix of recorded meditations, self-guided practices as well as evidence-based strategies to apply at each step along the way.

Once you have finished this course, you will have access to purchase other courses on the Come Home to Yourself Course Tier and all courses on the Guide Your Child Home Course Tier. You will also be able to purchase One to One Guidance Multi-session Packages with Dr. Julie.


What you’ll get:

  • Over 5 hours of recorded teachings, insights, practices, guidance and evidence-based strategies from Dr. Julie 
  • 6 Meditations for Self-Connection, Calm and Self-Compassion recorded by Dr. Julie
  • Mini Work Book 
  • Lifetime access to the recordings and resources
  • Access to purchase courses on the next tier of the Parent Course Pathway and One to One Guidance Multi-session Packages with Dr. Julie.
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"Dr. Julie is outstanding in every respect. 
She has the unique ability to translate and demystify complex scientific psychological information into practical and effective strategies to support my children when they experience intense emotions. Her expertise, kindness and wisdom empowers me as I navigate the choppy waters of parenting."
Brid, Dublin
We couldn't recommend Julie's offerings enough to ordinary parents, just trying to do their best. Working with her has been an incredible investment for our family, and we feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to do it."

John and Elaine O’Malley, Co. Meath

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