The Butterfly Teachings

Apr 04, 2022

The idea of transformation seems to be deeply embedded within Nature as well as in our mythical and popular culture.  Of course, as children the butterfly is one of the first ways in which we are introduced to the absolute possibility of change that Life is capable of. The poster of The Life Cycle of the Butterfly hangs on many a class room wall and still hangs in my consciousness as a childhood memory. So too does my fascination at their lightness of being as they flutter here and fly there - resting for a brief moment with their wings closed together - as if they are hiding their splendour from the world as a little tease. They just seem so lightly connected with the space they occupy and the transient nature of their beingness (for most of them die in the winter) seems heart-breakingly beautiful and perfect.

Perhaps their lightness of being is because of the journey they have taken to become a butterfly. After all,  their journey to their butterfly-beingness is marked by a deep surrender to Mother Nature ( and their very own nature) as they ready themselves to not be a caterpillar anymore and dissolve into the unkowingness of the dark and enveloping chrysalis. There they must trust, and just be with whatever it is that is happening until the time when the chrysalis begins to crack and they emerge, covered in a thick syrup-like texture. Again, they must place their trust in the process until they are ready to open their wings and ascend as a creature reborn in the same lifetime.  Perhaps they feel no fear - only joy in their experience of their hereness - precisely because they know what it is like to truly let go of their old selves and surrender to the unknowningness of the chrysalis.

Perhaps they know there is nothing to fear precisely because they allowed Mother Nature to take care of things:  after all, they emerged transformed into a creature that is bound no more to crawling the earth but can choose to fly high into the air at one moment and rest on the earth at another moment. Many would call this freedom.

How can we as humans relate to a little butterfly? Do these little beings have anything to teach us - young and old - about the nature of being? 

As I see her doing flutter-bys past my window on this summer's day, I humbly thank the butterfly for her trust in herself, her path and in Mother Nature.  Thank You for showing me that transformation is not only possible, but it is an integral part of Life.  


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