Delivering the how’s and why’s of living, working and parenting well with easy-to-apply guidance that inspires audiences to thrive.

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I am often invited to give talks and offer workshops to organisations, schools and social-care/health settings.

I love to translate complex constructs and research findings from psychology, brain-science and child development into accessible, down-to-earth and easily applied concepts and strategies for parents, teachers, educators, business leaders and anyone with an interest in embodying the art and science of well-being and thriving in their lives.

And I love to equip my audience both with easy-to-use, in-the-moment strategies that they can apply immediately and with an understanding of the why behind the strategies, as we know from research that when we know the why, it will make the change easier to apply!

I love speaking to audiences - big and small - delivering my message from the heart, with levity and the odd anecdote drawn from my clinical experience and research background as well as from my experience as a parent (and a human being).  

I invite participant interaction during my sessions, creating a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, which we know from brain-science is the best way to learn.


For Schools and Educational Settings

  • Mental Health and the Educational Environment
  • Anxiety in the Classroom
  • Supporting Students with Big Emotions
  • Embracing neuro-diversity in schools and beyond

For Organisations and Businesses

  • Supporting your Child with Anxiety and Overwhelm
  • Nurturing self-esteem and Resilience in children and Young People
  • How to Thrive: Optimising Well-being in Children and Young People
  • Supporting your Child with Big Emotions  and High-sensitivity
  • Balancing connected and compassionate parenting with an engaged and productive work-life
  • How to Really Look after yourself as a Parent (and why it is really important).
  • Embracing Neuro-diversity in the Workplace and Beyond

For Health and Social-Care Professionals

  • Self-Care for the Caring Professions: Embracing authentic Self-Care from the inside out.
  • Burn-out and Work-related Spill-over and Working with Complex Case-loads

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Johanna Doherty, Branch Secretary, Sligo Branch INTO
"I would highly recommend Julie for her expertise and experience in the area of mental health."
Tusla Prevention Partnership & Family Support (PPFS)
"Julie provides down to earth advice for parents that can be put into action. She puts parents at ease and helps them feel reassured that the challenges they are facing as a parent are the same challenges that many parents face."
Susan McDonnell,  Mt Anville Montessori Parents' Council

"Dr. Julie spoke to the parents on Navigating Anxiety in Children. It was such an interesting and thought-provoking presentation delivered by Julie in her calm, measured and expertly informed style."

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