Kind Words from Clients

Bríd, Dublin    

"Dr. Julie is outstanding in every respect.

Julie has the unique ability to translate and demystify complex scientific psychological information into practical and effective strategies to support my children when they experience intense emotions. Her expertise, kindness and wisdom empowers me as I navigate the choppy waters of parenting".

Elaine and John O'Malley, Co. Meath    

"We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Julie as our parenting guide. Our beautiful children are equally amazing but have very different needs, and we were struggling to make sure everyone was getting the support they needed. We couldn't seem to find a bespoke service to guide us, rather than just give us general advice, until we found Julie! 

Above all, Julie LISTENS. She takes time to talks through issues that have come up in our home, and teases out the details with us, always looking for what motivates particular behaviours - both our children's and our own. She has taught us that if we stop, reflect and connect with our kids, with each other and with ourselves, we often know exactly how to respond in any situation. We don't need to check the index in a book or even ask her. As corny as it sounds, we already know what to do. This insight has been invaluable in giving us the courage to parent in a way that feels right. 

We couldn't recommend Julie's service enough to ordinary parents, just trying to do their best. Working with her has been an incredible investment for our family, and we feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to do it."

Parents, Co. Kildare   

"We have been meeting Dr.Julie for parenting advice over several months now and have found her approach, expertise and advice extremely useful in helping us to figure out how to manage some behavioural challenges we were facing with our child. Julie provided both a much-needed listening and understanding ear and also provided us with rational, evidence based advice on ways of addressing the issues arising. Our meetings with Julie were also a time and space for us both to focus, as parents, on our child and to discuss our concerns with an independent expert. We would not hesitate to recommend Julie to any other parents who may feel they need some extra support."

Gill, Co. Galway  

"Our son experienced a sustained period of acute anxiety that resulted in school refusal for a number of months. Julie’s expertise and support through this extremely difficult time helped both my self and my husband navigate this parenting challenge with renewed confidence. The work we did with Julie helped us to help our son, a gift we will be eternally grateful for."

Parent, Co. Louth

"As a mother, I am definitely more patient and understanding and am better at listening to what my daughter is not saying as much as what she is saying." 

Grateful Parents, Co Sligo

"With Julie’s gentle guidance and helpful tools our son was able to turn a corner." 

Gary, Dublin  

"Julie’s advice and support gave me the tools and the confidence to approach the complexities of our family dynamic in an open and loving way with my daughter’s emotional health as the number one priority."

M.W., Co. Louth

“Julie has a lovely, calm way about her and both ourselves and our daughter really responded to that and felt an instant comfort and security with her.”

S O'B, Co Mayo

"It is safe to say after my sessions with Julie, I had found myself again.” 

M.P., Co Sligo

"I will be forever grateful for Julie's coaching and support." 

AMF, Co Sligo

"We as parents have gained a lot of insight into understanding our son’s behaviour and needs while also reflecting on and developing our role as parents." 

Parents of a 5 and 7 year old, Dublin  

"We found Dr. Julie to be conscientious, caring and professional. The guidance she provided helped us to help deal with and later resolve a very challenging family situation. Her insightful ability to shed light on a situation and other topics we raised was beyond our expectations. The methods and tools she had provided us with has left us well equipped and confident to deal with family matters particularly for working with and understanding young children."

Parents, Co. Mayo   

"We would highly recommend Julie as a clinical psychologist and Parent Guide. She is very friendly and easy to talk to, which is important when things can be difficult to talk about. She is very knowledgeable and conducted all sessions in a professional manner , providing very helpful and constructive feedback that was easy to understand and implement into our lives. We are very grateful to have found Julie and the support she provided us in navigating a really difficult period in our lives with our 9 year old daughter."

Kind Words from Parents Who Have Attended Webinars and Workshops With Me

Maria M., Co Wicklow

“This was probably the best workshop I have ever attended. I was blown away by Julie’s delivery, content and pace.”

I.V., Co Dublin

“Dr.Julie was able to guide, and at the same time encourage us to trust our intuition as parents.”

Julie Tynan, Dublin 18

Julie was so welcoming and made everyone feel at ease.”

MPT, Dublin

“I enjoyed everything about the workshop – especially the calmness I felt.”

A.L., Dublin

“Thank you for the course Julie, it was very enlightening”

Rachel G. Co Meath

“Julie’s warmth and patience in answering questions and responding to stories was amazing to watch”

Sive O'Brien, Co Dublin

“This workshop was just one day out of my busy schedule but it has already made a massive impact on my family.”

Tara, Dublin 9

“I found Julie’s webinar to be extremely informative, relevant and practical. Her description of the integrated brain and the application of simple strategies to enable parents to co-regulate with their child were so helpful. Julie is so personable and I sure other parents will connect with the very real examples she provides.”

And Kind Words from Teachers, Organisations and Professionals Whom I Have Delivered Talks to

Tusla Prevention Partnership & Family Support (PPFS)

"Julie provides down to earth advice for parents that can be put into action. She puts parents at ease and helps them feel reassured that the challenges they are facing as a parent are the same challenges that many parents face."

Johanna Doherty, Primary School Teacher, Co. Sligo

Julie unpacked the area of anxiety and mental health issues in children in a clear and succinct way, that was both informative and beneficial to our practice as teachers.I would highly recommend Julie for her expertise and experience in the area of mental health.

Hilary Dempsey, Head of HR, Life Credit Union

Dr. Julie delivered a webinar to our team on How to Surf the Waves of Change During the Teenage Years, where she unpacked complex insights about how the teenage brain remodels itself that help to shed light on how those changes affect how teenagers experience themselves and the world around them.

Julie’s helpful and clear strategies for how best to navigate the teenage years with our children have given me a fresh understanding of how to communicate and connect with my own children, and have allowed me to reflect on the many positives that this developmental period holds for us as a family. I am happy to recommend Julie to any organisation who is seeking to support parental well-being in their workplace and beyond.

Susan McDonnell, Mount Anville Montessori Junior School Parents' Council Chairperson

Dr. Julie spoke to the parents of students at Mount Anville Montessori Junior School on Navigating Anxiety in Children. It was such an interesting and thought-provoking presentation delivered by Julie in her calm, measured and expertly informed style."

Secondary School Teacher, Connacht, Ireland

I found Dr. Julie’s presentation on Anxiety in the classroom extremely helpful. I am a Year Head to first years and the levels of anxiety are so high. This was very informative."

Teacher, Connacht

“Thoroughly enjoyable, easy to understand webinar. A lot of useful information and suggestions on how to approach anxiety in the classroom."


“Dr. Julie’s webinar on Anxiety in the Classroom was excellent and extremely informative. Concise and to the point."

Family Support Worker, SFR Centre

“I loved learning about the three different systems that help to keep us safe (Dorsal, Sympathetic and Vental Vagal) and how they influence our daily lives. It has opened up a new perspective on my professional practice.”

Family Support Team Sligo FRC, January 2022

“Exploring the difference between ‘compassionate engagement’ and ‘empathy’ and how this impacts on professionalism was intriguing.”

Family Support Worker, Sligo Family Resource Centre

“I found Dr. Julie’s training on ‘supporting ourselves when supporting others’ to be really insightful as I could find out more about my own responses and reactions to issues arising and how I can relate that back to the families I work with.”

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