Life throws up all sorts of challenges for you & your child to navigate.

Finding ways to meet these challenges with your child is not easy, and rarely straight-forward.

Let me guide you as we walk the steps of the Pathway together.

Life throws up all sorts of challenges for you & your child to navigate.

Finding ways to meet these challenges with your child is not easy, and rarely straight-forward.

Let me guide you as we walk the steps of the Pathway together.

Work Together to Solve Together

9 x 60 Minute Sessions

€1100 (Payment plan available)

Being a parent means that life throws up all sorts of challenges and storms.

Storms like navigating big emotions, anxiety, overwhelm, high-sensitivity, self-criticism, difficulty coping with the demands of everyday life and difficulty with friendships and relationships, and more.

Even though there seems to be so much information ‘out-there’, none of it seems right or specific enough for you, or it tells you what to do, rather than why, and how.

It can be really difficult to know where to turn for expert and accessible support tailored to your family’s needs 

Let me guide you as we walk the steps of the Pathway together:

Enabling you to feel grounded and
self-connected and to find your emotional balance - to feel at Home.

Allowing you to connect and co-regulate with your child so that they learn the skills of emotional regulation and how to trust themselves.

Empowering you both to learn how to find solutions to challenges because you both feel self-connected and self-regulated - when you both feel at Home.

Showing you through direct experience that when you are both at Home, your capacity to work things out together grows.

Facilitating you to experience a deepening of your connection with your child and with yourself.

Supporting you to gift yourself and your child lifelong skills of self-trust and resilience so that you both know that you can meet life’s challenges and grow stronger.

Are you Ready to Work Together To Solve Together?

9 x 60 Minute Sessions | €1100 (Payment plan available)

Yes, Let's Get Started

“Our son experienced a sustained period of acute anxiety that resulted in school refusal for a number of months. Julie’s expertise and support through this extremely difficult time helped both myself and my husband navigate this parenting challenge with renewed confidence. The work we did with Julie helped us to help our son, a gift we will be eternally grateful for.” 

-Gill, Co. Galway

What does the journey with me as your guide look like? 

Everyone has something specific they would like to focus on when they work with me, here are some of the many topics and themes we may explore over the nine sessions:

An in-depth look at the specific difficulties that are showing up for you and your child, and if appropriate, an exploration of the background of these difficulties and your child’s developmental history

A more detailed exploration of how to meet your specific difficulties within the frame-work of the Pathway.

How to apply the take-aways from the Begin With You Foundational Course in a way that really works for you and your family

A deeper dive into the first step of the Pathway where you learn practical strategies and ways to support you feel more anchored, self-connected and more regulated as a parent.

Ways to connect and co-regulate with your child to show them how to come Home to their own sense of balance and self-connection: essential emotional regulation skills for life.

Find novel ways to meet your child’s storms come more easily when you are both connected and regulated

Demonstrate that working together to figure things out in a collaborative way shows you both that you can trust yourselves - and each other

How to develop more self-compassion and learn to forgive and make peace with yourself as a parent.

Possible limiting patterns from your own experience of being parented that may be getting in the way of your self-connection and your connection with your child.

How to nurture a wellspring of resources comprising tailored, practical strategies and practises to find balance, calm and connection for you and your child.

I Want to Begin my Journey

How it works, in more detail


When you have taken the Foundational Course, Begin With You, you can choose this nine-session package and book and pre-pay for the sessions online at a time and date that suits you.

If you have not booked a previous One-to-One package with me, when you book this session package, you will be asked to fill out online consent forms and a Parent Guidance Background Form which asks questions about your specific focus and concerns that you have, the background of the challenges you face, and some developmental history about the child/children you are seeking to support. ( All information provided is gathered, processed and held in line with General Data Protection Regulation requirements and law - see privacy policy here).

When you book online, you will be given the option of a payment plan, where you will be charged for three sessions up front (€360) and €122.22 for the remaining six sessions to be paid before each session.

The sessions are 60 minutes long.

When we come to the end of these nine sessions, we can explore whether you would like to continue along the Pathway and opt for more One-to-One Parent Guidance (in which case you are welcome to book any of the packages available) or you may feel that you are happy to explore the specific recommendations I have made in your own time and in your own pace, and you are welcome to continue on the Pathway either through the Parent Pathway Courses or the One-to-One Guidance Packages at a later point.

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